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Monday through Sunday, April 24 – 30
#21   Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Fenton

Nueske’s pit-smoked peppered ham, smoked turkey breast, Nueske’s applewood-smoked bacon, Emmentaler cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo on soft Challah bread.  $13.75

That’s $1.00 off the regular menu price all week.

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Did Ya’ Know About our Crowlers?

The Laundry has been offering Crowler service for about a year now, and many of you have discovered this unique and convenient way to enjoy the beers of Lynchpin Beer Company, The Laundry's single-barrel house brewery.  A Crowler is a single-use, recyclable 32-oz can filled to order and sealed at the bar. A quick blast of CO2 removes beer-degrading oxygen from the can before it's filled from the tap. Our bartender fills the Crowler, sets the lid and seals the can. Crowler prices vary by beer.
Try our 10th Tap!  Each week we'll offer one beer "by Crowler only".  Ask your server about this week's 10th Tap.  
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The Word on the Street

My husband and I tried it for the first time today and we were so impressed with the high-quality and homemade ingredients!
I got the Turkey Meatloaf lunch special which comes with a side salad and I could tell that my croutons were made with fresh bread and my ranch dressing was handmade with fresh dill! My husband got #21 on the sandwich menu and his pickle was a fresh cucumber lightly pickled in garlic vinegar. It was refreshing and delicious! The French press coffee was excellent and paired perfectly with our espresso brownies for dessert. Our waitress Ashley was incredibly kind and helpful. It was a wonderful first impression and we can’t wait to go back!

It seems like I’m destined to only get to visit The Laundry once a year. I consider that a tragedy. The Laundry is an awesome restaurant that serves some of the best sandwiches in the area. The staff is extremely friendly (and knowledgeable). I recommend sitting at the bar and chatting with the bar tender, you’ll get an education in mixed drinks. This place may be a little out of the way for some but is definitely worth the drive.

The Laundry is one of the best places I’ve ever ate at. Literally blindfold yourself, have the waiter or waitress hand you the menu and point to a section on the menu. What your finger lands on will be amazing and most likely a new favorite dish. You will not be disappointed in coming here. They make their own amazing bread and beer and probably a million other things are handmade. Go there anytime breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or cocktails and you won’t be disappointed.

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