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Coffee Beverage
Bread Specials


Monday through Sunday, June 18 – 24

#19   Croque-Monsieur
Jambon de Paris French ham and Swiss Gruyère cheese with a sour cream and Gruyère cheese sauce on grilled Challah bread.  14.25

That’s $1.00 off the regular menu price all week.



Summer Solstice
Field greens tossed in an herb vinaigrette with tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, artichoke hearts, chickpeas, baby peas, roasted pine nuts and feta cheese  $13.50



Cocktail of the Month:  Barrel Proof Boulevardier
This classic dates back to the 1920’s. A mix of Bourbon, sweet vermouth and Amaro. We are using Campari for our Amaro, Carpano Antica sweet vermouth and Elijah Craig Barrel Proof whiskey. We like to taste our whiskey.

Daytime Cocktail Special: Classic Old Fashioned
We are keeping it simple for the start of summer, and sticking to what we do well. Using  Old Forester 86 proof, muddled turbinado sugar cube, Angostura bitter and and orange zest. A real classic cocktail. Enjoy!

Enjoy a Special Daytime Price of $6.50 until 4 pm.

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Iced Strawberry Cheesecake Latte
White chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry syrups with rich espresso and whole milk over ice.  $3.99 / 16 oz. Substitute almond or soy milk for $1 



Cherry-Blackberry Double Crust
Over two pounds of whole cherries and berries are tucked into a flaky crust that’s crimped by hand.  No canned fillings here — just fruit, sugar, natural tapioca for thickening, and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Enjoy a special price all month long. $22 / whole pie

Our pies come from CRUST and are made right here in Fenton.   Each crust is shaped and crimped by hand.  Fruit pies are filled with more than two pounds of fresh fruit tossed with just sugar, natural tapioca for thickening, and a splash of fresh-squeezed lemon juice. No canned filling here.  And no artificial flavors, chemicals or preservatives.



Hammonton Round
Hammonton, New Jersey is home to the highest concentration of Sicilians in the U.S., which made the city a natural namesake for CRUST’s version of the ancestral bread of Sicily. Durum wheat and semolina flours,plus lots of toasted sesame seeds yield a loaf with fine crumb and thin crust.
$1 off the regular price all month long

 Special Bread Bakes

Saturday – Village Round
Saturday – Chocolate Cherry Sourdough
Sunday – Double Raisin Pecan

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